What if the old school was the good school? Our values at Engage & Deliver

Far from denying the modernity and the hectic pace of our time, we however reject some of its derivatives. Also the originality of our partnerships is based on the following values:

COMMITMENT: If we left the business world yet bringing us some comfort, it is to focus on what makes sense to us and we are passionate about – the taste for the challenges that are being proposed and the success of your team. This state of mind we also aim to develop in our learners.

GENEROSITY: at the time of superficial connections led by social networks, we give time to actively listen to you and understand your needs. Beyond simple politeness, we rely on courtesy, openness and loyalty in the development of our professional relationships.

SIMPLICITY: we do not pretend to be more than what we are. With us no obscure verbiage or woolly theories disconnected from the operational realities of yours. Our solutions based on experience and foresight, are concrete, pragmatic and always creative. And if we cannot do, we will tell you without the slightest discomfort.

INTERACTION: we take the opposite view of going all digital, because we believe deeply in the desire and needs of individuals to be interconnected in a real environment. Because agility and empiricism go hand in hand, because we praise the strength of individual talent allied to the collective, our solutions focus on collaborative workshops that are promoting the sharing and the co-creation.

RELIABILITY: whether in terms of contact, exchanges, privacy or of products provided, nothing is more important to us than the quality of our services, your trust and your satisfaction. After all, nothing is better than a good word-of-mouth to develop.

Jean-Yves Masse – Retail coach

I have a deep passion for Retail and for individual, team and business development. Having worked with top managers of different styles, but also having myself led teams in multicultural and challenging contexts, have strengthened my convictions of what true and sustainable leadership is.

I worked nearly 30 years in Retail business and for IKEA in particular (store, Sales, Marketing manager).
Throughout my career I have endeavoured to alternate with operational and strategic functions, convinced that planning the development of a retail company at the national or international level, could not be done without a continuously updated awareness of the everyday realities of both consumers, customers, business partners and employees.

Being naturally people-centric, I worked for six years as a Training Program manager for the IKEA Franchisor company, helping the retail organisations to grow their people and business. I designed and facilitated training solutions for employees and managers in the 38 countries where the brand is established.

I have trained several thousands of people on subjects as varied as active selling, merchandising, leadership,multi-channel retailing and Agility (I am certified as SCRUM master). Over six years, I have developed a dozen programs that are still used to this day. In this sense I have accompanied the brand in its commercial, digital and human transformation.

In addition to this role, I was commissioned as a commercial coach on an international system of internal audits for the group’s most profitable stores in the world. Beyond the strengthening of team cohesion, these workshops systematically delivered an increase in turnover and gross margin in the months that followed. It is on the basis of this experience that I developed my own tool called “performance reviews” (see dedicated page on this website).

Do not hesitate to contact me by mail or telephone, if you have any questions, to get acquainted and to exchange on your needs. jymasse@engageanddeliver.com    +33 681 651 314

Let us see together how best to answer to your problems and unleash your business potential.

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