Modularity, our secret weapon

You need learning solutions that are relevant to your daily business operations and that encourage your talents to open up to the fast-changing environment that surrounds them.

You want these solutions to be adapted to your specific needs, and you want them here and now.

Our training programs consist of multiple modules, never exceeding 90 minutes.
These modules are organized in a logical and relevant flow, taking into account the target objectives.

Should your time, budget and the themes you wish to explore be limited or specific, we can easily adapt
our existing formulas to perfectly fit your needs and expectations.

We can also create specific modules for you to make the learning experience the most relevant and valuable for your people.

"You learn always alone, but never without the others" (Philippe Carré). That is why we deliver interactive workshops involving colleagues, turned towards continuous learning and based on real work life situations.


About becoming responsive to change as an organisation and empowering teams and employees
to do the right things, take initiatives and decisions, leading to a more responsive, attractive and efficient business.

About increasing the cooperation and work flow efficiency within multicultural teams. Covers what company culture consists of, gives tools to look at these dimensions in perspective, provides a frame of reference and leads to greater effectiveness in the environment people cooperate in.

For commercial teams in the retail arena. The program covers a wide scope, from market analysis and business planning to operational performance on shop floor, in a simple way.

This training enables extended commercial teams to build trust, gain confidence in their ability to deliver commercial excellence and focus on right tasks at right times. While maintaining a customer-centric approach.

About understanding and applying the techniques to optimise the use of commercial space in shops/stores from commercial, customer/goods flow and safety perspectives.

Covers product range presentation, merchandising, display and replenishment techniques.
Enables commercial teams to become more inspire and increase conversion rates at the same time as offering a safe commercial environment
for customers and a convenient work place for co-workers.

About selling techniques from active listening, and consumer motivation to conversion of prospects into customers.

About running a cost-effective food service that results in the best possible meetings with the customer.
Understand upcoming customer behaviours relating to Retail and Food business in particular.
Enable participants to master techniques to attract visitors, convert more of them into customers and sell more to each of them.

About understanding the benefits food services can bring to other core businesses.
Identifying business needs and the specific food services that are responding to these needs.

About how to do a complete SWOT analysis (Macro trends – PESTLE – SWOT – Crosses – Action plan) and take most benefits of it on strategic and operational levels.