You are leading a growing business within Retail or Services. You expect your managers to behave as inspiring leaders caring for their teams and from the latter to offer optimal satisfaction to your customers.

In a world increasingly more open, uncertain and complex, you have no other options but to develop the skills that will allow you move nimbly in an unpredictable and highly competitive context.

The first of these skills is your ability to learn; making your talents open, curious, agile and decisive, so they constantly adapt to the new demands of consumers, technology and market.

At Engage & Deliver, we consider that “learning to learn” has become the highest priority. That is why we offer learning solutions and performance reviews that will place your teams in a dynamic of continuous learning, while bringing your business tangible, rapid and lasting improvements.

We all know that distance learning cannot meet all requirements. In the same way that no one learns how to ride a bike in a book, becoming a competent retailer requires to experience things, share best practices, interact, fail, succeed and co-create. That is why they need to get challenged by experienced coaches in a safe and engaging learning environment that is in constant link with the real work situation.

An environment where individuals are taken into account with their specific talent and that standardized training can not help develop.

Old school is the new cool!

In this fast changing world, it would be a non-sense to talk about Retail without considering e-commerce and algorithms. Disruption concerns all aspects of business, from operations to human resources. Digitalisation is everywhere already and artificial intelligence is going to shift most of our paradigms. These perspectives force retailers to rethink their physical outlets and their approach of “brick and click”. From simple cash & carry, these will gradually move towards Retailtainment. Therefore retail places need to be more attractive than ever, combining excellence in merchandising, direct interaction with products, sales assistance, a la carte services and immediate availability, with a large variety of assets from personal shopping to food services, co-creation workshops and cultural events.

We believe in using the old good retail recipes yet, but in a new way.

At Engage & Deliver, we come from business operations and we have the passion to help you to empower your people, grow their competence and commitment for greater results. We have worked decades in operational and strategic positions, in Sales, Marketing, Food Services and Customer Relations. And we have developed learning solutions and performance reviews to help teams like yours to feel engaged, deliver fast and offer the best possible consumer experience in this fast changing world.

Unleash the potential of your teams

Only learning that has a clear impact on the business is worth your consideration and investment.
That is why our vision is to support you with solutions that create tangible outcomes in your business operations and when meeting your customers.
Our approach is to carefully listen to your needs, clearly understand your business challenges and offer learning experiences that are perfectly adapted to the right people, at the right time and at the right price.

Our solutions have proven success and are fully customizable to your needs and ambitions.
Because seeing you celebrating your business success is the most valuable reward we can get.